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a note for employers:
as far as ya'll concerned, all writing on this little blog thing is fictional and totally not real and i'm not such a complete mess in real life like i wear pants sometimes, not basketball shorts all the time, i promise, please believe that, you gotta believe that, please!

I emailed this guy back.  I told him, "sign me up, brahhh.  I need the ca$$$h!"  I know it’s a scam but his name is so beautiful.  I just want this seedy guy pretending to be a barrister to send me emails all day but he never responded!  Ulrich!  Why aren’t you trying to get me to wire you money so I can claim the inheritance of the British couple who died in a tragic car accident in Manchester?? Did you find sombody else to fleece?  An elderly lady who still pays for AOL?  Why aren’t you still trying to scheme on me, brah?

I miss everybody.  Every girl who ever walked.  Friends who slowly slipped away into nowhere.  All my dead dogs and lost cats.  And Ulrich Claypole, the barrister who got away.

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