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a note for employers:
as far as ya'll concerned, all writing on this little blog thing is fictional and totally not real and i'm not such a complete mess in real life like i wear pants sometimes, not basketball shorts all the time, i promise, please believe that, you gotta believe that, please!

You know, just comparing myself to Courtney Stodden on Klout.  Big day.

2 important things going on here.

  1. Her influence: Of all the people they could show here, we get 4 fake Courtney Stodden twitters and 1 dogman.
  2. Her topics: Teeth, dentistry, Sprite

So, basically, we live in a country where a 17 year old girl who looks like she has done 40 years of meth livin’ can get famous for marrying a 50 year old hideous wreck of a dude and then she can take this fame to influence us(fake Courtney Stoddens) about teeth and Sprite.

Lata America. You whack.

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