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i was going to start looking for jobs today but then i ate lemonade yogurt out of a tube and it was so wretched that i have to cancel everything for the next 3 years.

(full disclosure: the yogurt was a brand for babies and probably not for grown adult humans. and also i stole it. from a toddler that my sister babysits sometimes. and also i was never going to even pretend to look for jobs today for even a second. idk, i’m swimming in self hate over here.)


reminder: all of this to protect one killer cop

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Today my laptop charger started sparking and I ignored it because laptop chargers are expensive and also the danger of my computer either short circuiting from all the electricity shooting around it’s ports/the danger of my bed catching fire really heightened the experience of checking my websites. Sadly, the charger eventually kind of burnt apart and now I’m charger-less and have to wait for a new one to be sent from China and the shipping was free which means it’s being skateboarded to my house and my battery is at 9% so basically I’m gone forever. I wish you the best of luck in the future with all your endeavors and stuff. god speed!


Vaughn Dutch. A Vince Vaughn Von Dutch photoshop blog. Immediately the worst thing I have ever done with my time on earth.


the Acrostc poems for the residents in my grandmothers nursing homes are something

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I kind of have a crush on your brain, and subsequently therefore on you?
christopherlindstrom christopherlindstrom Said:

aw thanks!  I’m not really keen on my brain because most of the time, it’s busy eroding away all of my self confidence and hope, and also it makes me remember spiders way too often. like every 7 minutes or so. it’s exhausting.

but yeah, i’m pretty alright. Any 26 year old who still drinks energy drinks has to be at least a little bit cool. and thanks for message, I’m sure you’re a lovely person and could probably be president one day if you wanted to be!

so i’m gonna try harder to post stuff more consistently and generally be a better, more social internet person. Like if I’m gonna be such a slug in real life then I should be a little more lively on the information highway, idk. 

my time is pretty divided between working at that gas station, working on poems about that gas station, and working on aegir mag. we’re still in the process of reading through submissions and we got a lot of rad stuff and it’s all really exciting but also stressful and scary but also cool. 

so yeah, i’ll try to be online more and msg me if u wanna talk murder she wrote or boy meets world, the only two things in the world.

saw this monstrosity on the way to the bank today. 

If anyone in the Boston area(or anywhere) is looking to hire a slightly gloomy yet puppylike dude who needs a minute to separate his life from his dreams sometimes but other than that is a pretty okay person and isn’t late as often as you’d assume, let this cool but ultimately sad dude know!!


There’s a bail and legal fund for protesters arrested in Ferguson set up here, fyi